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This is Not Like Baking

My original plan was to cook one meal a week and then update my blog and Instagram with each meal attempt. But my journey so far has not gone this way. On Saturday, February 11th,  I went shopping for the ingredients to make two appetizers because my plan was to cook both Saturday and Sunday […]

Perfectionism: The Struggle is Real

I can’t cook. It’s not because I don’t know how. I watched my parents for years, and Andrew and I have spent the last decade cooking together. I know my way around the kitchen; I’m familiar with different cooking techniques and all of the cooking equipment we own. I even have decent knife skills, and […]

20Time Year 2

Friday was the last day of first semester, and I am so excited to start second semester tomorrow! I introduced 20Time to my students two weeks ago so that my students had plenty of time to brainstorm. We’re on block schedule, so my odd day classes will pitch their projects on February 6th and even […]

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