This is Not Like Baking

My original plan was to cook one meal a week and then update my blog and Instagram with each meal attempt. But my journey so far has not gone this way.

On Saturday, February 11th,  I went shopping for the ingredients to make two appetizers because my plan was to cook both Saturday and Sunday that week. It’s ambitious, I know. Later that evening, I made Roasted Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup and tritip for dinner. I got the soup recipe from Tastemade and followed the directions exactly. As a baker, I am used to following recipes precisely, so my approach to cooking was the same. I quickly learned that this is not how cooking works.

The recipe calls for two sweet potatos, so I followed that even though it looked like one sweet potato was enough.


What this means is that the sweet potato flavor dominated the soup, and the consistancy was closer to a thick puree than a liquid soup. The flavors were decent, but I would not make the recipe again because it was not a hit with the family.

I woke up that Sunday very sick, so I did not cook the second appetizer. I was sick for so long that I did not cook the following weekend either.

There has been unexpected learning throughout. We made Ribeye steaks, french fries, and asperagus on Friday the 24th. We did not follow a recipe, but Andrew walked me through every step. He used the Socratic method, which I have found helps me as much as direct instruction does.

On Sunday the 26th, Andrew and I made Garlic Clove Chicken and Almond Pear Tarts. They were delicious! Our family ate the leftover tarts for breakfast this past week.

Happy Thursday!

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